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Uploaded by Valdemari

Uploaded by Valdemari

Hello and Welcome to Leprechauns Leagues home page!

Leprechauns League is World of Warcraft guild in Frostwhisper-EU HORDE!
We are going to progress Cataclysm events, contents and melt some faces in BG.
Guild is fresh, friendly and fearless, we recruit players from 80 to 85. Our guild will be speed progress guild in 10 man contents and heroics, 25-man-raid contents will be speed progressed too if we are eligible to recruit enough good players! If not, 25-man-contents wont be eligible to progress faster than other guilds by our guild  and will not be in our first priority! Our raid times will be out soon!

Guild has professional officers and we are going to divide the Guild in four parts. Every part got their own leader and of course the Guild leader(me) will lead them. About these four parts you can ask from Guild leader or tactical leader (Jauheliha).

Our loot system is not clear yet so please you can always give us advices. What comes in raid system, your are playing as much as possible with same guys so your "chemistry" is not failing. We will fix some groups and modify them in to the best shape! Only requirement for a normal guild member is show loyalty for officers, advice when necessary and give 110% of yourself in every encounter!
Recruiting demands
Leprechauns need you.... if!

Leprechauns are recruiting, before you sign up an application, plz, read the requirements for our guild and we hope you fill them up!

Well, first thing, you must be atleast lvl 80 (and of course after 7.12.2010 it will be 80-85). You must have experiences and we prefer players with Vanillah(<3) and The Burning crusade. Wotlk experience is good too. We want you to know everything about your class, not only you main spec. Of course we prefer you players with massive knowledge of other classes and thats why, there is few officer ranks for them who have THE KNOWLEDGE!

You will be tested in a trial period, which means that you are only gaining loots if no one else is needing it and rights are limited in the guild. Trial period raid activity needs to be in at least 95% and if you meet the requirements and skills for joining as a full member, you activity must be at least 85%(activity means loots).

Guild is hard core/semi hard core raiding guild so we want you to prove us that you have time and concentration and patient for it!

If you join mainly for PvP, I prefer to take contact me personally(, and we will speak about ReQ.

We will check your achievements and your speak with the officers about your joining so please give your best shot with the application!

Good luck with the application!
Leprechauns League is currently recruiting the following:
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Death Knight
Blood (1)
Unholy (2)
Balance (1)
Feral (3)
Restoration (1)
Marksmanship (1)
Holy (2)
Protection (2)
Retribution (1)
Holy (1)
Shadow (1)
Assassination (1)
Combat (1)
Elemental (1)
Restoration (1)
Affliction (1)
Destruction (1)
Arms (1)
Fury (1)
Protection (1)
Server Status
European: Frostwhisper (PvP)
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